Today has certainly been a Manic Monday. I wasn’t even on the road today, but I was completely exhausted by the time I got home. My day got off to a late start and then the landlady called with news of a leak. Thank goodness we rent from people who own a hardware store! They know how to fix this sort of thing. Of course the leak lent it’s own source of hilarity in the fact that I saw I had missed a call as soon as I got out of the shower. I checked the voicemail to find out that lo and behold someone would be up very shortly – they weren’t kidding! The acoustics in our apartment are not good enough to be able to hear someone inside the apartment from the hallway so the gentleman that they sent up almost got quite the eyeful.

I just have to chuckle, because one of our unofficial slogans around the office is “Every Day is Monday”. Today certainly was. Hopefully my Tuesday (and the rest of my week) will not be Mondays. Especially on the heels of the epically bad week I had last week; just one of those down deep in a funk and couldn’t pull myself out kind of weeks. It ended with a doctor’s visit where I discovered that when I had sprained my ankle when I tripped and fell two weeks ago at a baseball game. I’ve been dealing with the fallout from that for the past few days and I have to say, wrapping my ankle sucks. I don’t like the bandage, I can’t wear cute shoes (including a cute new pair of heels that I bought last weekend), and I have trouble walking with the bandage on. However, my ankle and foot no longer swell to comical proportions, so that’s definitely a plus. Another downside; I think the addition of the bandage and having my hair dyed darker (closer to my natural color) has scared the cats. I guess I smell and move differently so now they spend most of their time running from Zombie-Mom. I do kind of zombie shuffle when I move with the bandage on, mostly because I can’t really bend my ankle.

Let’s place bets on how many Mondays I’m going to have this week. I’m going to say that it will be at least two, today and probably one of the days this weekend that I’ll be in grad school classes. Which just reminded me, I have reading to do!