This being a blogger thing is tough. I’m a type-A person, so clearly I want to do well at it. The problem is, most blogs that you find out there that are even remotely successful fit into a niche.

There are TONS of blogging niches and I don’t fit into a single one (or I do, but I don’t want to be that type of blogger).

I’m clearly not a mommy blogger, I’ve tried a few separate times to be a “healthy living” blogger and chronicle my weight loss, but it never took off or seemed to stick, and I’m not a photography blogger (further proof, I was on the road on Thursday, didn’t take a single picture).

The type of niche that I could fit in, but I don’t want to be that type of blogger? Infertility. Primarily because most of the time, it’s boring to everyone but me. I’ve kept a more private online journal for almost 10 years now and I’ve heard from a lot of my friends that they appreciate what I’ve shared, that it’s taught them a lot about how conception works and given them a glimpse into what couples struggling with infertility deal with. That’s all well and good, and sometimes I really can be a fount of information. But sometimes I get into the deep, dark, unhappy place and I end up crying big fat ugly tears on the way to my hair appointment over absolutely nothing in particular, just the overall pressure and weight of what not being able to have children feels like.

And I know I said I would be honest (and believe, this post is quickly entering into the “slightly too honest, making me uncomfortable” category for me, so I imagine by now you’ve all x’ed out of the window and ran, screaming, away from your computers), but I will tell you, I honestly don’t want to share that part of myself. That part is ugly, bitter, hateful, and jealous. I don’t like that part of myself and try to keep it under wraps as much as possible.


Okay, enough of that. Two heavy posts in a row? That’s not even fair! If I was a decent picture taker I would share funny pictures with you to make up for it. Thankfully, I live with a professional photographer (he’s won awards and everything!) so I’ll just steal some of his pictures…

This is one of our kittens, hanging out in our beanbag chair. We put him in it, he got a little stuck, and an adorable photo shoot commenced.

Beautiful shot of a local field my husband took.

Sunset in our town.

A shot to prove that spring was coming.

Isn’t my husband crazy talented?! Well, you might disagree, but I certainly think he is. He’s much more comfortable with non-posed and non-people shots, but his pictures of people are pretty fantastical, too. Here’s a shot from his sister’s wedding last month.

Look at that height!

Alright, that’s enough for now – catch you later!