Welcome to the new brand spanking blog!

First thing I’d like to point out – do you see my post title? That, for your information, is the correct apostrophication for y’all. It’s a contraction of “you all”. You put the apostrophe to serve as the letters you are taking away, in this case “ou”. You wouldn’t apostrophize “isn’t” as “is’nt” would you? Of course not, because you’re removing the “o” from not. Yet, for some reason, so many people continue to apostrophize “y’all” as “ya’ll”. Sorry, weird pet peeve of mine, I know.

So, this is the blog. Like the name suggests, it’s going to be about my travels through WV. A colleague actually suggested that a few of us write a book, which really, we do have some very odd and unusual things happen to us when we travel. But this will be SO much more than just my journeys through the beautiful state of West Virginia (Ooh and I’m hoping to take LOTS of pictures!), it will be about my journey through life. I plan on using this to talk about EVERYTHING I’m experiencing and dealing with – finances, health and fitness, daily happenings, you name it! Which means I have to be good about tags, uh oh.

I can’t make a lot of promises. I can’t tell you that I’ll update every day or even every week. But I can promise one thing – I will be honest with you. Honest about what I’m seeing/feeling/thinking/experiencing. And with that, a warning that you may not always like what I have to say. I tend to be blunt and occasionally swear like a sailor. I will try to limit those kinds of postings to my private journal though, rest assured.

I like to think that I’m funny and quirky and have a pretty decent sense of humor. My husband I laugh a lot so I think that’s a good indication. I think I’m pretty smart, but I can’t spell for beans, so if I’ve spelled something wrong just let me know. Although please don’t do it in that snooty “Oh my goodness, you idiot, I can’t believe you spelled disestablishmentarianism incorrectly!” Spell check is my friend, but it tends to miss a lot of things. Not to mention I’m notorious for making up my own words.

So strap in and enjoy the ride!